Wonka Woods: Monday Color Mood

Wonka Woods: Monday Color Mood via Aaryn West

Hold on to your hat, people, because today is the first day of October. This means the whirlwind of the Fallidays is basically here. For us at Aaryn West it means the LA Textile Show is only three weeks away, and we’ve been keeping rather busy preparing for that, if you haven’t noticed from the distinct lack of blogging. (More details on the show soon, I promise!)

For now, I leaf you with an autumnal color story to get you in the mood for a month perhaps most famously known for it’s costumes… Willow Wonka, anyone? That would be kind of fun.


Jac Jagaciak photographed by Greg Kadel for Numéro #136 via FGR.
Leafy animation still from Alice In Wonderland via here.
Lake Okanagan photo by Aaryn West Surface Design Studio

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01 Oct 2012