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Located in Los Angeles, California, we specialize in creating exclusive textile print designs for the fashion, interior, and gift industries. We work with artists all over the globe to create a new collection of innovative and forward-thinking designs each season, and also create bespoke prints. View our library with our online viewer, or email us to inquire about collaborating on a bespoke design.

We maintain a library of original prints in a diverse range of categories including floral, geometric, and tie-dye to name a few. No artistic medium goes unexplored as our artists use pens, pencil, markers, paints and digital media in their approach to satisfy a multitude of aesthetic styles.

Color and print inspiration come from both modern and vintage sources, and can virtually be found everywhere around us. Follow the daily musings at our blog where we explore recent trends, vintage treasures, and our exciting new venture into the world of surface design.

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