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Teeki: Yoga in Outer Space


I was recently approached by fair-fashion maven Rachel of the blog My Fair Vanity to collaborate on a little project of hers. She teamed up with Teeki, a graphic yoga wear company that is not only made in the USA, but whose luscious fabrics are also constructed from recycled plastic water bottles (genius, right?). In an effort to promote Teeki’s campaign of launching their other-worldly designs into space [yes, you read that correctly], Rachel has coordinated a talented team to create a set of accompanying promotional images.

The spaced-out result features a handful of gorgeous dancers from Washington D.C.’s Capitol Movement, modeling their favorite Teeki gear, shot by Jason Hornick Photography, all set against some Aaryn West dreamscapes.

The deadline for Teeki’s space mission may have passed, but be sure to check out their website to find out more about their earth-friendly process and shop their awesome collection of super soft leggings and tops. And if you’re not already following Rachel at My Fair Vanity do yourself a huge favor and hop to it. She’ll make you feel a lot better about your never-ending quest for retail therapy with all sorts of locally made and sustainable insights.



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11 Jul 2013