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Glazed And Confused: Monday Color Mood

aaryn west monday color mood: glazed and confused

Bask in the amber glow of this week’s vintage inspired color story. This particular combination of hues has picked up in popularity again, long since the days it adorned your favorite old mushroom-and-woodland-creature covered cookie jar. Although, as you can see below, fungi and their furry and fluttery friends are still alive and well…

aaryn west monday color mood: glazed and confused


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06 Feb 2012

A Graphic Home


It’s evident that the fashion world has gone bonkers for prints lately, but it seems interior design isn’t far behind. Certain decorating techniques are more obvious and time-tested; wallpaper, throw pillows and fine china. Other examples are a little more unique, or perhaps labor intensive – such as custom wall decals or a d.i.y. fabric headboard. You can add print to your home in small touches or by the roomful, even mixing new elements with upcycled. For those who like their interiors affordable and not-so labor intensive, you may want to take note of the highly anticipated Missoni for Target collection hitting stores September 13th. With over 400 items offered in Missoni’s signature patterns it is now that much easier to bring a bit more pattern into your home.



missoni-target-1 (more…)

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28 Aug 2011

Background Check


If you pay attention to fashion then you’re well aware that many designers have gone bonkers for prints. They are mixing them in unconventional ways, and saturating the body from head-to-toe in bold, colorful motifs. Just when we thought there was no possible way to up the ante a few designers had to go and prove us wrong. Below you’ll find a few examples of print-laden collections set against some very dynamic backgrounds. And apparently we aren’t the only one to notice this trend – the last set of images were composed by one of our favorite bloggers, the lovely Miss Moss, posted on her blog only yesterday. If printophelia isn’t a real word yet we think it ought to be; we are certified printophiles. Just don’t tell our health insurance, ok?

background-check-missmoss (more…)

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05 Aug 2011

Jewels & Gems : Monday Color Mood

color inspiraiton

A collection of bright, bold accessories in fun, energizing jewel tones. All of these items
are officially on my wish list.

Jewels & Gems


[clockwise from top left]
silk chiffon scarf by Missoni, available here
jewel shaped table lamps by Robert Abbey, found on colorful homes
pantone espresso set, found at the lovely A+R online store
ikat table napkins from here on etsy
limited edition print by my favorite art team, Apak, also available on etsy

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30 May 2011