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Fall ’15 Print Trends: Mixed Menswear via Aaryn West

Fall '15 Print Trends: Mixed Menswear via Aaryn West

There seems to be something invariably more masculine about Fall prints than in the Springtime. This patchwork mash-up of traditional menswear motifs is the perfect example of that notion. Staying within a limited color palette and keeping your print elements small will allow for maximum harmony in this mixed print trend.

Joseph, Thakoon Addition, Etro all via Style.com
Background print © Aaryn West

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27 Mar 2015

Spring 20112 Trends : Scarf Elements


Although there are different ways of interpreting [and naming] this trend, you can’t deny that it’s out there. I am quite fond of the term foulard, although I’m not sure it covers the whole breadth of the style. It’s part scarf, part menswear, and has a strong cross-over with the geometric styling of Islamic patterns. I love seeing how these designers have incorporated such a classic element into their spring collections.



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25 Oct 2011