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Fall ’15 Runway Trends: Cracked Ice

Fall '15 Print Trends: Cracked Ice via Aaryn West

Textured prints take a turn for the lighter side in this nature-driven trend. Some examples resemble cracked ice, some look more like striations found in marble, others even take on the swirling formations found in radar images of weather systems. What they all have in common are their intricate, organic details and simple, limited color palette.

The example we used in our background was made with watercolor paints, but manipulating photographs of tree bark or experimenting with paints designed for a crackle effect would be great places to start when you’re ready to make your own Cracked Ice print.

Jonathan Simkhai, J. Mendel, Tory Burch all via Style.com
Background print © Aaryn West

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04 Mar 2015