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One Year Blogiversary: With Prizes!

Aaryn West One Year Blogiversary

Today marks a year since the birth of this little blog, and to celebrate we’re giving away some Aaryn West loot to three lucky winners! All you have to do is a leave a comment below and you’ll be entered into a drawing [to be chosen at random] for a chance to win. Easy-peasy, right? The drawing ends on Monday, May 07 Friday, May 11 at midnight PST; we’ve extended the deadline, giving all our mid-week viewers a chance to comment. The winners will be announced Saturday morning, so take a minute to check out the list of prizes and be sure to say hello!

Aaryn West One Year Blogiversary

Aaryn West 1st prize art print from Society61st Place Prize: Small print of your choice from the Aaryn West shop {frame not included}.

Aaryn West 2nd prize stationery cards2nd Place Prize: Set of 3 stationery cards of your choice from the Aaryn West shop.

Aaryn West 3rd prize buttonsRunner Up Prize: Set of 5 Aaryn West buttons.

Posted by:  aaryn
05 May 2012