Nail Art: More Than A Manacure

Cynthia Rowley marbled nail strips

As a surface design studio, we love to see prints pop up in new and unexpected places. Nail art is a trend I’ve been seeing a lot more of lately; it’s unique and quirky, and perhaps best of all, a temporary commitment. You can get creative and attempt to paint a delicate design yourself with the help of one of these cool tutorials by Refinery 29. Or go low-maintenance and buy a design to apply at home, my favorite being these water marbling stickers in the special edition Cynthia Rowley Birchbox set. Whichever the case, endless options abound. I’m especially enamored with the celestial set down at the bottom.. simply out of this world.

floral nail art
Cynthia Rowley marbled nail strips
Manicure Monday I've got the Midas touch
nail art
turkey day nail art
nail art
Galactic nail art

All of these [and many more] can be found on my pinterest board: the tiniest canvas.


Posted by:  aaryn
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11 Nov 2011
  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Kate kolb

    Love love love this!! I stopped doing my nails a while ago due to lack of anything fun and interesting, but now I’m inspired!! Thanks Aaryn!!