Post-Show Post


This week has been a monumental one for this little design studio, as we have just completed our very first trade show! Because we are located here in Los Angeles, we thought the LA Textile Show would be the obvious place to start in our attempts to reach more local clients. I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out, and already looking forward to the next show in March of 2012 . A big thanks to everyone for their support and feedback, and looking forward to following up with the many wonderful people I met this week!




Posted by:  aaryn
14 Oct 2011
  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Susan

    The both looks awesome! Sweet buttons!

  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Kate

    You go girl! Looks amazing!

  • aaryn

    Thank you, Ladies!

  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Tiffany

    Eye candy everywhere. Looked great.

  • Anna

    oh, the buttons are an adorable idea. looks good Aaryn!