Vangel Naumovski: Inspiration Found

Vangel Naumovski-detail of works

As a textile designer, I have a special appreciation for Vangel Naumovski (1924-2006), a surrealist painter originally hailing from Yugoslavia. The fine, floral detail and his use of color and shading really draw me in, and I see countless individual print motifs within each of his paintings. I also see the influence of my favorite Renaissance painter, Hieronymus Bosch.. interestingly enough, if you read the original post over at 50Watts, you’ll see Bosch mentioned among Naumovski’s influences, along with likes of Kandinsky, Klee, Ernst. As a fan of psychedelic art in general, I would say his gooey, organic shapes and bright, floral details certainly do not disappoint.

Vangel Naumovski, Playful Girls, 1975
Vangel Naumovski, Spiral Galaxy, 1981
Vangel Naumovski, Prohibited Thoughts, 1973
Vangel Naumovski, Black Cradle of Bright Life, 1963
Vangel Naumovski, Sunset Garden, 1968
Vangel Naumovski, Atlantis, 1977
Vangel Naumovski-detail of works

See these images and more over at the original post at 50Watts.

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23 Nov 2011