The photography of Tiffany Upton


This week I’m pulling inspiration from the photography of a very dear friend of mine, Tiffany Upton. When her day job as a graphic designer isn’t enough, she turns to photography and floral design to satisfy her overflow of creativity. With interests like this it comes as no surprise that her photographs of nature are so gorgeous. I was particularly mesmerized by the set below, some of which I immediately connected with the trend of print-mixing, which has been so prevalent on the runway this season. With the rise of digitally printed textiles I can easily picture the work of Miss Upton printed on silk scarves and flowing chiffon dresses. A fresh update to the floral frock.

all photographs courtesy of Tiffany Upton
dress montage by Aaryn West Surface Design Studio



Posted by:  aaryn
In:  Inspiration
30 Jun 2011
  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Susy

    I love this post! You two are phenomenally talented and an inspiration! Way to go!!!

  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Tiffany

    Aaryn, you did an amazing job with this!! I can’t thank you enough for your ringing endorsement and for the love. Your dress montage really conveys how beautifully new digital printing can merge photography and fashion. I’m sure your business is going to take off – how much would I love to see one of my photos come to life in your work?? Thanks again!

  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Danielle

    Sweet. I had no idea you could do that with photography. I would buy all three of those dresses… I love the unique/retro vibe, yet comfy.

  • http://yourwebsite(optional) Erica

    I would totally sport those dresses. Not just because they are fab, but because I’d be a walking canvas for my friends. love love

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