9 Weeks: Patterns, Preggos & Painted Places

9 Weeks: Patterns, Preggos and Painted Places

Week 8 was a bust due to inclement weather, so we had to pick back up on our little project in Week 9. You have to love living in a city where you can get away with just a light cardigan in the middle of December, which is when this photo was taken. When my sci-fi loving husband spotted this spaced-out mural we knew we had to make it a part of this photo series.

Come back next week for an update in our ongoing series: Patterns, Preggos & Painted Places.
9 Weeks: Patterns, Preggos and Painted Places

cardigan: hand painted by me
dress: Minkpink
necklace: hand made by me
boots: Steve Madden
neighborhood: Santa Monica

Posted by:  aaryn
In:  Inspiration
27 Mar 2013