What’s Your Color Mood?

Rachel's Hint of Mint from Fair Vanity via Aaryn West

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate our Monday Color Moods into your own personal style? We teamed up with Rachel of Fair Vanity, a Washington D.C. based blog focused on fair trade fashion and accessories, to bring you a fun style challenge with exactly that in mind…


And it really couldn’t be much easier. Start by picking out a color board to use as your inspiration, and style yourself an ensemble featuring at least ONE fair trade item. This includes anything made from sustainable materials, made in the USA [or your home country, for my international peeps], vegan, organic, up-cycled, vintage or hand-made. Snap a photo to submit by the November 1st deadline to see your style featured on the Fair Vanity blog! Camera shy? We’ve got you covered. Show us your color mood with a crafty collage like the one below.

What's Your Color Mood? via Aaryn West

Rachel chose A Hint of Mint, and even I got in on the action just to show you all how simple it can be [choosing Primary Agenda]. Email your image to Rachel by Nov. 1 to see your style on Fair Vanity, and see the original post for full details and guidelines.

Aaryn's Style via My Fair Vanity

Images via Fair Vanity.

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19 Oct 2012